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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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600i crew quarters
Post at: Mi 13. Jun 2018, 16:56
By /u/Rhokanl

Does anyone know if the crew in a 600i have individual quarters or are they all tossed together into a common berth area?

I'm still waiting for the ship that will let a crew member accuracy quip, "I'll be in my bunk." It's all about the fidelity. And Firefly.

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Is this even remotely playable yet?
Post at: Mi 13. Jun 2018, 16:57
By /u/Lungsh0t

I checked in around 3.0 and it was still laggy af. Any progress on the horrible lag?

submitted by /u/Lungsh0t
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GrimHEX Cable Management is better than my own [in-game screenshot; 8k downsampled to 4k]
Post at: Mi 13. Jun 2018, 16:59
By /u/mr-hasgaha


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