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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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[Suggestion] Make some of the ship cockpits customizable, similar to ship modules
Post at: Mi 11. Jul 2018, 17:11
By /u/Reporanka

Cockpit layouts and struts seem to be an eternal source of discussion in Star Citizen. On the other hand struts should in theory offer structural integrity and durability to the cockpit, but they also undeniably hinder the player experience.

So I say let the cockpits, or at least some of them, be customizable. The high-visibility ones would offer field of view at the expense of durability, and vice-versa. They could be swapped at specialized ship dealers around the verse, like custom auto shops in real life.

This feature could be useful with the Constellation series, for example, which can be used in anything from combat and reconnaissance to touring and exploration. It would be unrealistic for a heavy combat ship to have incredible visibility but also it sucks to try and do visual exploration when there are massive struts in your face. It's like the game doesn't want you to use First person view in Aquila.

submitted by /u/Reporanka
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