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newest submissions : starcitizen

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Damaging the wrong thing and the resulting consequences
Post at: Mi 11. Jul 2018, 19:33
By /u/xxSilentRuinxx

Say a pirate wants to capture a Starfarer. But, as with any ship I ever captain, I refuse to surrender or go without taking the ship with me. Granted they could disable me, board me, disable the self destruct before it blows - but then that's not the scenario I'm postulating here.

I'm stating that they are forced to destroy the ship, or it's disabled and too well defended for them to take the ship and the crew to loyal to mutiny given the self destruct is going off (iffy if they are hired NPCs or less than dedicated players), or in the attempt to disable it they shoot the wrong thing like one of the giant fas/fuel cannisters.

Whatever the case, the chase ends in destruction of the starfarer. My question would be if one of the fuel tanks is destroyed (those giant containers running along the back of the ship) - would they not all be destroyed?

If even one of them blew - would this not be of significant force to explode the others and literally increase the overall power of the explosion of any destroyed Starfarer with fuel on board?

I can't think of any other ship that is a walking bomb like a fuel/gas laden Starfarer - that if accidentally pricked - will go off with the greatest ship explosion in the game.

Granted - they could just unrealistically make it ignore the explosive power of the floating fuel/gas tanks or any other dangerous explosive cargo.

But that to me would break the goal of fidelity.

Do you think components destroyed, unstable explosive cargo containers, or giant fuel pods like on the Starfarer should contribute to destructive explosions when damaged or destroyed?

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