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newest submissions : starcitizen

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I accidentally ejected from my ship while flying over Cellin. Took a while to hit the ground.
Post at: Mi 11. Jul 2018, 23:49
By /u/digitalgoodtime


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PSA for miners who hunt those super agricium (6~12%) nuggets
Post at: Mi 11. Jul 2018, 23:49
By /u/jortamox

It was fun sniffing out these suckers and I managed to find 3 of them. But they can dry out. You can only pop these suckers twice (enough to load your Prospector about 3 times) before they respawn as "regular" rocks which yield 0.5 gold or less for each server.

I have tested this 6 times and with the same result, 2x fracturing, 3 round trip for each rock and it respawns as crap gold shale.
First 3 rocks are the same rock but different server region (by using bed logout I can keep mining the same spot across different server region). The next 2 rocks are from another location, 2 different server region(again using bed logout)
Last rock is from 3rd location.

If you are hunting these rocks do note the rock fragments you couldn't extract will persist until it is extracted. You can come back to the same spot and extract them all. And if you left behind some fragments on the exact same spot where the rock spawns (by perfect fracture, rock doesn't blow up the fragments all over the place. Or because the fragments are stuck in the ground) the newly spawned rock will "cover up" the fragments you left behind. So If the crappy gold rock spawned just blow it up by overcharging it and then you can extract the agricium fragments "underneath" it.

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