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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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Payouts in the PU
Post at: Do 12. Jul 2018, 01:27
By /u/LaoSh

Does anyone else think they are super low? It's going to take ~10 hours of grind just to buy a new powerplant for my cutty. And thats assuming something doesn't fuck up and break. Given there is about 30-60 minutes of content in the PU ATM unless you stumped up the cash for a ship that can mine I'm not sure what CIG is thinking with how things are balanced. I've noticed that there is no mention of fixing it in the PTU either.

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Frustrations with development as of now
Post at: Do 12. Jul 2018, 01:30
By /u/USBattleSteed

So before I get any further into this post I would like to say that this is not one of those posts that says "SCAM CITIZEN REEEEEE" but I have just been thinking about it and feel the need to say my opinion. Take it with a grain of salt perhaps as I have no experience as a developer.

So as everyone on this subreddit knows, this game has made an immense amount of progress this year. We have had cargo added, mining, exo-planets, several bug fixes and making the game playable for most people. With that said, there are some things that seem a bit out of whack, for lack of a better term.

The developers of the game have kind of been treating the game more like a Beta rather than an Alpha. To use the fitting metaphor of a ship, we have our drawings and we know what needs to be done, we (the pilots) and the developers (the engineers) need to communicate to figure out what is happening with our ship. Right now we have the frame, and let's say we have guns that work half the time, a cargo bay and a mining laser. We have gotten those working pretty well, save for combat (which is still a little buggy, but 3.3 says they will tweak it). We have these, and they work great, my frustration comes with the devs adding things the ship isn't ready for. They are throwing in couches, TV's, gaming consoles, a fully loaded closet with clothes we don't have a real use for yet.

That is where it is frustrating, is we are trying to get our ship to work, but we keep getting this extra stuff thrown at us and when we tell the engineers, they have to work to fix it for us, yet that takes time from adding everything necessary to have the ship fly. We keep getting new clothes, armor, ships, guns, etc. When we still have ships (Origin 300 series I'm looking at you) that are not functioning as they should. All the fun cosmetics, new ships, weapons should be after we have a full system. After we have a city on a planet, after we are able to claim land. All of these which are things we have been told we will get eventually.

Now, they do say they will be adding these by 3.5 and I will believe them because they have not disapointed this year. However, I believe it would be great if the devs could get our ship the necessities it needs to fly and perform every single on of the functions it needs before we give it custom leather seats.

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