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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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Post at: Do 12. Jul 2018, 03:21
By /u/Dolvak

In 2012 a group of crazy people decided to open and run the /r/starcitizen subreddit.We were a group of people excited for Star Citizen who wanted to help make the subreddit into a thriving community, with strong discourse and polite criticism. It’s been 6 years since we all came together and it’s kind of wild how we have all changed. It’s been fun watching this place change over the years as well. The current state of this place is the evolution of 6 years of work by a bunch of people who at the start really just wanted to talk about cool internet spaceships. None of us could have predicted the absolute madness that surrounds both positive and negative discussion of Starcitizen. I personally took a year off simply because I got stressed out letting this place get to me in a very unhealthy way. People are not built to deal with this stuff every hour of every day for years on end. This brings me to my point. Our lead mod /u/Qwints will be retiring at the end of this week after 6 continuous years of service to this community. Qwints is not usually the voice or face of big announcements so people might have not interacted with him all that much but let me assure you he has been the eye of sauron in the background, glaring at all your misdeeds. With that the mods of /r/starcitizen would like to thank /u/Qwints for his contributions as he will always be a valued member of the community.

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Unimportant feature and I've been a backer since 2015....Can we have blue skin?
Post at: Do 12. Jul 2018, 03:25
By /u/suonialliv

I mean come on i've been waiting for blue skin for almost 2 years and a half

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