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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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What have I done!
Post at: Di 14. Aug 2018, 22:52
By /u/Nosrehpcam

I had a Starfarer on my main account, I liked it very much. I saw a 600i and thought, hey maybe I would like that more and CCU’d. I was wrong and would very much like my farer back :-( Buy back tokens can’t be used for such an instance but is there another way to get my ship back without pledging more cash?

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Big Transport Pro Tips
Post at: Di 14. Aug 2018, 22:52
By /u/Fade78


Those advice only apply for big ships.

Tonight I took off from a farm on Daymar with a load full of legal (I swear) stuff on my Starfarer Gemini. The load was all my fortune. I wasn't watching and, few meters above the ground, I collided with an Avenger Stalker. Forcing my way up a little too much, the Starfarer began to roll. I know, by experience, that would mean me finishing on the back like a turtle.

But it didn't. Why? Because, twenty minutes before, "just in case", I overclocked the thrusters and allocated 70% of my power to propulsion. Later, in panic, I didn't even remember it and didn't understand how I got back the control until I watched my MFDs.

Me leaving Daymar, just after managing to taking back control of my ship ONLY because I overclocked the thrusters and put 70% of my power to it.

So here are my tips for big boy transport:

  • Landed, either choose to be invisible and turn off everything, or just turn engine off so the shield is on (or leave evrything on). To prevent bombing of your ship overclock the shield and allocate a good amount of the plant power to shieds.
  • As soon of as you have to move, overclock the thrusters and allocate power to propulsion. You will not have time to do it when you'll need it so do it as soon as you can.
  • Beware of vice goods. You can only sell a limited quantity from to time to time. A friend of mine told me.
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