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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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Congratulations, BadNewsBaron and Bianca!
Post at: Mi 10. Okt 2018, 23:56
By /u/SleepPlayGrub

Or is it...BadNewsBaroness?

Such a cute proposal - thank you for sharing it with the community. Happy CitizenCon and best wishes!

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What really happened when "Bad News Baron" proposed on stage
Post at: Mi 10. Okt 2018, 23:58
By /u/Dottar


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How is everyone liking CitizenCon?!
Post at: Mi 10. Okt 2018, 23:59
By /u/feedmasterpc

Everyone having fun? Anything really cool happen they want to share for those unable to watch the stream or play right now? Highlights?

How'd everyone like it?!

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Faceware FOIP camera delayed.
Post at: Mi 10. Okt 2018, 23:59
By /u/owls282820s

From their website... "With FOIP releasing this week, we’re moving into the final stages of production and we’re excited to say we’ll have news very soon on a release date, pricing and pre-orders for the Faceware Motion Sensor. We’ve been overwhelmed by the support and passion of the Star Citizen community. Thanks for your patience".

submitted by /u/owls282820s
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3.4 flight model.
Post at: Do 11. Okt 2018, 00:00
By /u/Mindterror

So I just finished playing the new flight model that should be coming in 3.4 and well let's just say the skill is back and an old and new way. It reminds me of 2.4 but with many new ideas involved. I personally like it mind you I had to kick the hotas to the curb because the button setup seemed totally wrong and didn't work correctly.

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