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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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What is the timeline on the things they showed in the Keynote? Is it all just in 3.3?
Post at: Do 11. Okt 2018, 00:16
By /u/Ironhand_XIII

I know there's a few things like ships and features but they made it sound like pretty much everything we saw in the demo is gonna come out soon in 3.3. And doesnt that mean that's what the Evocati is playing now?

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Imagine if they had kept the pay wall with all the desync issues..
Post at: Do 11. Okt 2018, 00:19
By /u/Zeiban

..and had to make it free on Twitch. Bullet dodged.

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Yeah no this looks much worse, That doesn’t even look like Gary oldman anymore
Post at: Do 11. Okt 2018, 00:19
By /u/Broccoli32


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