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newest submissions : starcitizen

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The 'Imagine' trailer was published December 2014. With 3.0 now close is it time for a new trailer?
Post at: So 18. Jun 2017, 08:23
By /u/richyhx1

I loved the imagine trailer. It was from a different time in Star Citizens journey but a time I really enjoyed. All the trailers and the ship commercials they were awesome and really gave you a flavour of the game. I think I've made my gamer friends sit through them all at least once!

There was a lot of vocal people complaining then that too much time was being spent on them, but the general community appreciated them and knew that the people spending the time were not building core game parts anyway, but that didn't seem to deter RSI from calling an end to them for the most part and just popping snipets in ATV and other shows.

So with 3.0 coming ever closer, Graphics overhauls everywhere, new features galore, new terrains and places to visit, characters that look photorealistic and everything else that has happened from then until now...

Isn't it time for another kick ass trailer?

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