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newest submissions : starcitizen

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The Rest of the Star Citizen Universe: Progress Update?
Post at: So 18. Jun 2017, 13:42
By /u/Katana67

DISCLAIMER: Fully understand that a lot of CIG's efforts are currently aimed at releasing 3.0, and that it's more about getting underlying systems and core dev tech ready for the PU, and not necessarily about rapid content generation.

Looking forward from 3.0 into 3.2, we're scheduled to have a few pretty big universe-building items released:

  • Modular Space Stations - Truckstop (3.1)
  • Crusader, Hurston, Microtech (3.2)

I know this question has been asked before, but I've never really seen a satisfactory/complete answer. I'm curious about the status of the rest of the PU.

What progress has been made with the hundred or so other star systems outside of the Stanton system?

I get that the Stanton system is a testbed for key tech that will inevitably speed up the process of making other systems (re: procedural generation, landing zones, modularity, etc.), but I'm just wondering if other systems are being worked on concurrently. Or if CIG is waiting to hammer out the fundamentals of the PU in the Stanton system before expanding to tackle the other systems?

I don't intent this to be a "where's mah planetz" post. It just still seems like a daunting task to flesh out the Stanton system alone, much less the hundreds of other systems - even with the systems they intend to implement with 3.X. It's amazing that we get such great updates on 3.0 development, but have there been any progress updates for things beyond 3.X?

So, I'm just wondering if anyone can add insight into the development, or status of development, of other star systems. Thoughts?

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