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newest submissions : starcitizen

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Star Marine Is One Hell Of Gaming Experience!
Post at: Mo 19. Jun 2017, 07:25
By /u/MasterBoring

Something that SM amaze me...

1.Level Design

The map did a perfect job making EVA a major feature, providing short cut and sometimes create 3D movement battlefield instead just a thing you can do, but a thing that is useful.

While on the ground, you sometimes feel the quiet, by that you try to focus on enemy's footsteps sound.

You can also hear grenade bounce on the floor, and make you panic and start running.

Not saying the environment is so good I sometimes just look around, then get scare by teammate that pop out nowhere.


The pace of the SM is quiet slow, but that allow you to think before you move, I play Titanfall 2 for a while, there is no time for you to decide what to do, but in SM, it feel comfortable to just wait around the corner, planning your move.

A little bit acknowledge to the map also give you advantages, specially the Map in SM are very "3D".

Overall the balance between Arcade and Strategy are perfect




If you haven't tried the SM yet, do it!

But if you are not a FPS guy, it basically still a FPS, so ya!

I not sure if there will be any further development on SM, after all this is just a small parts of PU, But it really a solid Gameplay experience you can have on SC.

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