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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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Let's talk about PvP
Post at: Mo 19. Jun 2017, 11:00
By /u/Skianet

I think it's time to accept the fact, that if CIG can pull off the 1 instance for everyone thing, Star Citizen will be a game where at any moment another player can attempt to kill you.

Now before you start typing with fury please hear me out. Griefing will likely not be as big of a problem as you would expect it to be, so long as CIG follows through with the Criminality and Reputation System. In fact if I understand it correctly, the act of killing other people will be punished heavily.

Meaning any encounter you have with Pirates will rarely end in your death. Let me explain.

(The following is purely from memory and not cited, please do not take it as hard fact, rather vaguely aiming for what I think was said at one point).

In Star Citizen even outlaws have a code, and while they aren't adverse to occasionally removing problematic individuals, they still frown upon unnecessary death. After all, if you kill all the local traders and miners, who you gonna rob? Not to mention this would draw unwanted attention from the Feds, and no body wants that. What this mean is the Outlaw stations and bases will only tolerate Killers to a certain degree. If word gets out that you've gone full marauder, they may hire certain individuals to remove you. Then greet you with a hail of gunfire should you ever return.

After all, marauders are bad for business. So not only will you be hunted by Bounty hunters and the Advocacy (Space Cops for the uninitiated). But eventually the Outlaws would turn against you as well. Since everyone hates you now, you'll eventually reach a point where you have no where to Refuel, Repair or Rearm. Soft locking your game completely. Sure, Player orgs may help you, but they too have to worry about reputation, helping a known serial killer wouldn't exactly look nice on a resume would it?

The only way to Remove this soft lock on your game would be to die the final death and begin playing as your next of kin. But remember, your next of Kin keeps a portion of your previous reputation, so being related to a known serial killer already has everyone around you extremely suspicious of your every move. So watch yourself, or you'll end up with a locked game again.

Now I know this wouldn't stop griefers completely, I believe CIG should make it so each time your next of kin inherits your negative reputation they should keep more and more of it. Until eventually no matter how many times you die you can't remove the lock on your game at all.

What this would mean for Pirate encounters that devolve into fights is they would all be focused on Shoot to Disable, and never on shoot to kill. Besides a real pirate would want your cargo any way. Some may kick you out of your own ship and just take everything, but hey that's what insurance is for.

Oh and one more thing, it won't just be Player pirates interdicting you, expect to be interdicted by NPC pirates demanding you drop your cargo or suffer the consequences.

As for Org warfare, I'm of the opinion that Orgs should have to make formal declarations of war as a mechanic that opens each other up for consequence free murder. (You wouldn't lose reputation for killing members of an Org that your Org has formally declared war on, and they wouldn't lose reputation for retaliating against you).

Of course all of this is dependent upon CIG being able to implement the Reputation and Criminality systems.

TL;DR- Griefers shouldn't be much of a problem since active serial killing will get you soft banned from the game.

submitted by /u/Skianet
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