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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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Am I the only one who absolutely hate the font and size of the inner thought-prompts?
Post at: Do 12. Okt 2017, 03:23
By /u/M34TR0W

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Heineken Commercial SC cameo?
Post at: Do 12. Okt 2017, 03:24
By /u/AarontheTinker

Just watching the Toronto Maple Laffs get hammered by New Jersey Devils and saw a Heineken commercial that MAY have had some Star Citizen in it... Tried to find a link on YouTube but wasn't able.

The commercial starts with a dude walking up to his other dude friends saying "follow me!" and he's holding up a "invite only" VIP ticket in his hand. They go through some fog, like a time/location warp, and end up with muskets in their hands in the middle of a battle, then next thing, they're somewhere else, then somewhere else, then a spaceship and that's where it gets SC-like!

Please post a vid if you guys find it and let me know what you think! Did Heine just rip off SC!? Does this mean SC will be getting gratuities and we can have a release date sooner!?! =D

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