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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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Drop pods and ground wars
Post at: Di 14. Nov 2017, 03:05
By /u/kilour

Is SC going to be implementing any type of hot drops either via drop pods or quick drops similar to in Star Wars clone wars they land drop off stuff and lift back off quickly. I know they are adding player buildings and stuff eventually so it'd be nice to see a Cutlass Black hit ground a platoon jump out then get back into air to provide support quickly. Or a larger ship like a starfarer be outfitted with a tank drop so once they add ground vehicles it can drop a tank out quickly and take back off to go resupply.

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RSI Ship Page
Post at: Di 14. Nov 2017, 03:10
By /u/Godit82

I'm trying to learn as much as I can about SC but the RSI ship page leaves me puzzled.

For example, if I want to learn about the single seat fighters you would think sorting the ship page by combat would be a good place to start right. Here's what I get.

F7C Hornet - Medium Fighter...Cool

Contellation Aquila - Expedition...um OK

Mustang Alpha - Light Freight....huh?

Terrapin - Pathfinder...really?

Polaris - Corvette...hmmmm

5 ships in and only one fighter, kinda gives the impression there are not many ships in the game. But I know there are more, I've seem a them mentioned on the forums....right?

Is this page a work in progress or am I missing something?

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