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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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Star Citizen BlastCast #107: Building Better Atmospheric Flight
Post at: Di 14. Nov 2017, 15:10
By /u/CitizenGamer


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Excited for 3.0
Post at: Di 14. Nov 2017, 15:13
By /u/supercable3

Star citizen is changing pretty drastically from 2.6 to 3.0 and I don't have to tell you that but I love talking about the changes I'm excited for. Currently 2.6 is pretty dark and you don't see much color because you are in space and the game feels very spacy. When you're landing on planets it feels so different because it's so full of color and the textures looks so good. The persistence is great as well with the footprints

I can't wait for the new suits to make my own thing and in 2.6 nothing feels there for me when you can just walk into and clip through most of the walls and objects. If i go prone I fall straight through my mustang. From the looks of it 3.0 seems pretty physical on interaction and not clipping it's so beautiful. They have really gone above and beyond with this game.

Other things I'm into.

Better frame rate Interaction system with inner thought stuff The lighting is so freaking pretty The player count whatever that be will be so lit.

And I hope star marine gets some kisses too with this update

All and all I don't think I haven't thought about star citizen since August. I hope I can play 3.0 soon enough to scratch this planet sized itch.

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