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newest submissions : starcitizen

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Check out my fleet, fellow Citizens!!!
Post at: Mo 2. Dez 2019, 21:12
By /u/BlueTigerDan


Hey, Citizens!!! I've been building up a fleet slowly over the past few years. I took advantage of this years Expo to restructure my fleet. My goal is to haul cargo and fend off the people who screw with me and mine. Please tell me where you think I can improve! I have LTI on almost everything, so she's ready for the big leagues! I have thought about melting my lesser ships (Titan, Arrow, Pisces, Cutlass, Andromeda) and putting the ~$650 towards something else BIG. Would have to be next Expo though, because the Kraken, Idris, and Polaris are all sold out, and I'm not too big on the Hammerhead right now, though I will say that is one coooooool ship when you got a crew.


My ships from LARGE to small:

  • Banu Merchantman (LTI, game package)
  • Anvil Carrack (LTI)
  • Crusader C2 Hercules (LTI)
  • Drake Caterpillar (LTI, game package)
  • Aegis Retaliator (LTI)
  • RSI Constellation Andromeda (LTI)
  • Aegis Vanguard Harbinger (LTI)
  • MISC Freelancer MAX (LTI)
  • Drake Cutlass Black (LTI)
  • Aegis Sabre (LTI)
  • Aegis Avenger Titan (LTI)
  • RSI Aurora MR (game package)
  • Anvil Arrow (LTI)
  • Anvil Pisces (LTI)
  • Anvil Pisces Expedition (LTI)
  • Drake Dragonfly Yellowjacket (LTI)
  • Drake Dragonfly (LTI)
  • Tumbril Ranger TR (LTI)
  • Tumbril Ranger RC (LTI)
  • Tumbril Ranger CV (LTI)
  • Tumbril Ranger CV (LTI)
  • Tumbril Ranger CV (LTI)
  • Tumbril Ranger CV (LTI)
  • Tumbril Ranger CV (LTI)
  • Tumbril Ranger CV (LTI)

I've included a link to the fleet builder, if you want to build your own: https://www.starship42.com/fleetview/

submitted by /u/BlueTigerDan
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