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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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Should the Cyclone-RN be able to scan for minerals?
Post at: Mo 2. Dez 2019, 22:30
By /u/Husanton

Its supposed to be able to detect structures or vehices further away compared to the other cyclones.

It also has a computer to store data but what about scanning for minreals?

submitted by /u/Husanton
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If I customize a 300i, and then upgrade to another ship (like the 325a), what happens to the money spent on my customizations?
Post at: Mo 2. Dez 2019, 22:34
By /u/ChampionReborn

Does the money spent on customizations get applied toward the upgrade purchase or is it lost entirely? Would they transfer over from the 300 to 325 due to similarity? (Guessing probably not)

submitted by /u/ChampionReborn
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IAE Caterpillar without bugged textures
Post at: Mo 2. Dez 2019, 22:35
By /u/TJMapache

submitted by /u/TJMapache
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