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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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OMG This new Patch might almost be it. 15 minutes of game-play at very high graphics and ok to good FPS around Levski.
Post at: Do 7. Dez 2017, 00:40
By /u/AvonMexicola

So I was playing with a friend today and guys, this might be the best game ever period. Sorry for the Dutch commentary but me and my friend where just ecstatic about the graphics and performance of this patch. Anyway Frame-rate is bearable to ok and lag is so much better than in previous patches. CPU spikes still happen but far less frequent.

I have 3 5 minute video's Landing at Levski in a Vanguard:

Running Around Levski:

And Leaving Levski in a Khartu All

Special bonus Daymar Khartu all sunrise chase:

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Looking at all the gaming headlines and reddit posts over the years leading up to the most recent debacles with EA, I can't help but feel like what's happening here is more than just making The Best Damn Space Sim.
Post at: Do 7. Dez 2017, 00:43
By /u/Jack_Flash86

I want to avoid turning this into what some might call a "circle jerk" thread about SC(and probably beating that dead horse some more), but as someone who remembers fondly the days of getting a new game and having the complete experience there, I feel like this needs to be kept at the forefront of every gamer's mind when it comes to new games. And that is not only getting a complete experience, but also embracing the push to new technology, new interactions, new mediums. Hell, the best years throughout school were during the first console wars and the jump to 64 bit before that. How amazing it was to see your 2D characters finally realized in 3D block arms and legs as if it opened up a whole new world of possibilities in gaming. How about when Halo first came out and blew your mind away with 4 player coop and LAN parties for PVP for all you console shooters out there.

Nowadays it's rare you'll find a game that even delivers a complete experience without a caveat for day one DLC, much less one that's willing to push the technology of gaming further and try something bold. Publishers have decreed that you aren't allowed free expansions, you aren't allowed to play split screen with your buddies because(I'm stealing from Angry Joe here) "Fuck you give me money". Games as a service is now the norm. And not just that, you don't get the whole game anymore. You get pieces of it, and you get to pay to beta test it after it's so-called "official release". Then they want more for the rest of the game. None of these are new, ground-breaking ideas. Yearly iterations is where it's at: minimal effort for maximum profit.

I guess the point I'm trying to make it whether or not the community here likes the amount of time its taking or the scope it's reaching I think we can all agree that in spite of all the BS that's happening in the mainstream gaming community CIG, and most importantly you as backers who've given them this opportunity to circumvent the trappings of publisher backing, are making a statement that a game CAN have a full experience. That games CAN introduce new technology and take chances because ultimately it's better for the greater market.

I'm just hoping the NN dismantling doesn't destroy the internet before it sees the light of day.

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