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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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600i's bridge
Post at: Fr 12. Jan 2018, 00:28
By /u/RunTillYouPuke


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This effort is inspiring!! Thank you all CIG TEAM, thanx Ahmed!
Post at: Fr 12. Jan 2018, 00:29
By /u/rythmflow78

After seeing atv bout the 3.0 Live release i only feel gratitude about all those guys working for my game.... our game which became our daily trip, also learned a ton and matured a lot all around not only about game development!!! Tis a miracle happening. Propaganda backer since 2012 and first pledge 2013, love is growing day by day, have a good continue all, salutations from Athens Elas.

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