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newest submissions : starcitizen

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Power Outage - Short story
Post at: Fr 12. Jan 2018, 00:32
By /u/fapling123

Black. That was the first thing that Karl noticed. He had been on his way to the Tal system to drop some cargo but the lights of "Voyager", his Freelancer had gone dark. "What in the...?" Karl exclaimed, tapping one gloved finger on the dark console. He looked out into the vast emptiness of space and swore to himself. What a time to break down. He clambered from his seat and stretched, the journey had taken a few hours already. Karl sighed, it would be so much quicker using the quantum drive but fuel is expensive, and as a cargo hauler, the money isn't great. Heading back into the cargo hold and grabbed his toolkit. Clunk. Karl's head whipped round at the hollow sound of metal on metal. His eyes narrowed in suspicion and he stood, stock Still, listening. Silently, he reached down and withdrew his pistol from it's holster. There came a groaning sound as if the ship was stretching after a long sleep, then the soft hiss of an airlock. Karl's eyes widened in fear. Someone was aboard the ship. Stealthily, he padded down the dim corridor, lit by the red glow of the emergency lighting. He heard a clunk and ducked quickly behind a box of cargo, a bead of perspiration running down his forehead. He was shaking. Collecting himself, Karl stood, and continued down the hallway, approaching the entrance to the airlock. The door trundled open and a bolt of red light whizzed through the portal, knocking the pistol from Karl's hand. He stood there, mouth agape and paralyzed with fear. In front of him, stood the most feared mercenary in all the verse, the man in white, Eta. Karl sank to his knees, there was only one way this could go, he held his hands in the air in surrender. "Take what you want, but please, spare my life...", he opened one eye, and looked up. Eta was standing there, blaster holstered, as if waiting for something. A moment later, there was a whirring noise and the Voyager sprung to life. Lights flicked on, and the reassuring voice of the computer announced "flight ready". Eta strode past Karl towards the bay door at the rear of the craft and tapped the console. Karl jumped to his feet, "what're what're you-!? You'll kill us both!" He was cut off as the door creaked open, revealing a second craft to have attached itself to the Voyager. Karl thought back and remembered; that must have been the second noise. Eta gestured to the cargo and Karl turned dejectedly, resigning himself to the knowledge that the cargo was lost. As the last of the crates was loaded into the second ship Karl sank to his knees, praying that the merc would spare his life and wondering who had hired him. He looked up and opened his mouth to ask but found his throat dry as he stared down the barrel of the gun. "Sorry pal" he said, "business is business." and pulled the trigger. Karl awoke, sitting in the seat of the Voyager, and stared at the console. The starmap said the course was plotted back home. His head fell back in the seat and he wondered to himself why he was still alive. Gazing out into the vast emptiness of space, Karl decided that he didn't care why, goods could be replaced, and maybe his superiors could replace him. But to Karl, Karl was priceless.

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Planet Shader Updates
Post at: Fr 12. Jan 2018, 00:33
By /u/SweRaider


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Any word on buy back tokens?
Post at: Fr 12. Jan 2018, 00:35
By /u/iSnipedAgain

Haven't heard anything this week.

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