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newest submissions : starcitizen

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Saber Raven EMP needs a nerf!
Post at: Fr 12. Jan 2018, 00:46
By /u/01-SHADOW

Aight so I took off from Port Oli with a freelancer to go turn on some com arrays for some quick cash since normal trade runs the risk of crashing and loosing all your $. However once i get out of the Artemis Zone I hear what it sounds like a rocket as I was after burning then my ship goes dark I was like okay well someones testing out there emp just being funny then he proceeds to fire on my ships so i say hey fuck it challenge accepted and was like ill fight his ass back but only issue with that is its practically ZERO cooldown on the EMP so I literally couldnt do shit I thought to turn the ship off soon as it came by with it on the third run it sometime kept my ship off even when I powered off so then i tried to gain distance once it came back on but considering how the Raven is fast AF and the EMP range is so wide it was impossible funny thing is i had nothing on my ship.... like dont get me wrong i dont mind fighting a griever im down for that but when its an exploit like that present you literally cant fight that back not to mention the EMP stopped all my door functions EVEN tho when you get into your ship its already off when you spawn but yea 2018 Nerf EMP Saber Raven! Asap

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