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newest submissions : starcitizen

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The 890 Tactical Jump - A ship I could dream and aim for
Post at: Fr 12. Jan 2018, 13:03
By /u/RobinOd

I dreamed up this ship after watching
on YouTube.

What you guys think? (on a side note, I think Ive spent a unhealthy amount of time looking at spaceships this last week, I am really buying into this game hook and sink!)

The 890 Tactical Jump First commissioned by Omega Federation, one of if not THE largest largest militia currently operational. The first 890 Tactical Jump is owned by Admiral Must, commander of the Omega Militia flagship cruiser The Pegasus, and is quickly becoming as mythical as the admiral himself.

Trading off cargo, crew and passenger space (but not quality!). The 890 Tactical Jump upgrades all turrets to size 4, accommodate 2 Aegis Sabre Ravens in the ship hanger and most notably mounts the ships signature feature, a long range size 7 tachyon cannon. Long range enough to add relevant support in fleets. Large enough to make sure lesser ships capable of moving out of your way actually do so!

If tales and legends are to believed Admiral Must have put The 890 Tactical Jump to various tactical uses: Sabotaging pirate fuel reserves and defenses ahead of his fleet arrival etc, thus preventing effective defense and or escape. Settling private disputes. Quickly assisting nearby smaller militias. And apparently throwing great parties!

If the Admiral is a testament to what a single man starting out with a small ship and the vision and the will to see those around him protected and cooperating. Then The 890 Tactical Jump serves as a testament to what Origin Jumpworks can accomplish with the military clearance and financial backing of a top tier militia!

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