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newest submissions : starcitizen

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A day in the life of a new Star Citizen
Post at: Fr 12. Jan 2018, 18:07
By /u/ForgottenLords

I recently rediscovered Star Citizen when I heard about the 3.0 update and thought that maybe now I can drop a few bucks and finally check it out! After spending the day at work watching videos, reading about the updates, and generally doing research on the game, I buckled down and purchased the Aurora MR SC Starter Package.

FYI: I am aware this is still alpha Star Citizen, and I'm not letting it get in the way of my hopes for the game, just sharing my story.

My first experience with the game was with my SelfLand Hangar to check out my shiny new purchase! After spending ten minutes figuring out why I was walking so slowly and how to sprint (I had accidentally used my scroll-wheel, bringing my walk speed to almost nothing) I set about trying to load my ship in! After discovering that the process involved clicking on floating balls that look like left over debug artifacts (An obvious and natural process for bringing a ship into a hangar) I spent another ten minutes learning that I had to use a DIFFERENT debug artifact because (presumably) the one I had been trying wasn't in the right location for my little Aurora. I then promptly got in, powered her up and down a few times then went to bed where I promptly got stuck and couldn't get up!

Figuring the next logical step was flying the sucker, I load up a free-flight map and open the throttle! The controls all make sense! With a little experimenting with ship systems, I can maneuver the ship, I can fly around big energy projectors and asteroids! I feel like I can do the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs! I even manage to land on a little floating pad and disembark my ship... and am suddenly teleported inside one of the energy projectors and unable to move!

Well, lets see how she does in combat, see how I do against some basic bad-guys. I load up a single player Vanduul Swarm mission ready to defend the universe against the evil little fighters! I spend about 30 minutes dancing with the three guys and my AI wingmen, and feel like I'm basically a stationary target compared to the speed of these fighters but I chalk that up to my ship being a multi-purpose freighter. I get an occasional green tick around my cursor indicating I hit the guy! Hurrah! Victory shall soon be mine! 30 minutes later my first kill! I somehow forced the AI ship outside of the play area. Oh well, it wasn't an explosion, but I shall satisfy myself with exploding the next one.

Somehow I find myself then in combat with the two remaining Vanduul! Oh no, my wingmen have been murdered! Time to even the playing field with my newly remembered missiles! After hitting the internet for how to fire them, I spend about 5 minutes flying around trying get a target lock before I find out that they are powered down! hoping I don't get exploded while mucking with my systems, I try single clicking and double clicking on the OFF button hoping to turn it to an ON indicator. It's not working!!! I frantically hammer on the thing hoping for the best, and eventually I see a flash of ON illuminated momentarily before they turn OFF again! But at least I know it is possible, so I keep trying and they stay on!

I find a target, I tap the middle mouse button and I see red! Target Lock obtained, and missile launched! Target Damaged, 7 points for the blue team. Wait, what? So my green ticks I was seeing earlier was shield hits? Shields regenerate, right? Suddenly I realize I've been playing the first wave for an hour, I was mildly damaged but still fighting, and my two puny guns just might not be up to the task of killing these guys. Not quite willing to give up yet, I figure I'll see if I can take out the first wave at least. A few minutes later, my second target again disappears outside the play area, but this time no notice that I had forced him into an error, he just sorta... is outside the area. Finally, it's Mano-a-Mano, I try to get a target lock with my last remaining missile but... nothing. Systems are still on, 1 missile on the racks, nothing. Guess this is up to me and my puny pea-shooters! We continue to dance, I'm still not dead, I'm learning a bit about strafing and keeping him in my sights, and my accuracy is improving where I can get reasonably regular green ticks, whittling away his shields. Eventually, he finds himself in an uncontrolled flat spin. He may be bugged, but at least now I have the ability to just sit there are fire at him, following slowly as he drifts farther away. Eventually he dies, but it still takes forever. He's a sitting duck, this should go MUCH quicker than it is. Eventually, I make it to the second wave, see four targets, and then log out.

Going to check out the Persistent Universe briefly. I want to check out some of the basic play. There is some fairly severe lag that I figure will make combat impossible, but I could probably still explore or do fetch quests, so I take a mission I think I might be able to handle (a 76 aUEC reward sounds like a starter mission if you ask me). I retrieve my ship, launch from Crusader, turn my ship towards the objective marker and fly off! I very quickly realize this is a job for the Quantum Drive as the distance indicator is VERY slowly ticking down from ~800km. I hit B to bring up the quantum drive. I double tap B to bring up the quantum drive. I hold down B to bring up the quantum drive. I bring up my mobiGlas to set a destination and realize... I'm under fire? My screens look damaged and I'm less than a minute from the station, so I turn back and manage to request a landing, execute my landing, and return inside and log off.

TLDR: Obviously the game has some bugs, or there are things I still have to learn, but I seriously wonder, where does a newbie START with this game in 3.0?

If I had that much trouble killing Vanduul Raiders with my little starter ship, how am I going to make do with either COOP or PVP? How am I going to improve my ship's kit so that I CAN kill stuff? Are people in Star Citizen really that inconsiderate that they would engage a person in a starter ship, outside the starting spawn? Shouldn't that be an Armistice Zone anyhow?

I'm eager to try again this weekend, see if I can further experiment and get a little more comfortable with the game.

submitted by /u/ForgottenLords
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