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newest submissions : starcitizen

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Text - no pictures - I shall bore you with an SC tale...
Post at: Fr 12. Jan 2018, 19:47
By /u/xxSilentRuinxx

Today I pulled the Starfarer out of mothballs to give it a spin for a trade run. Yes, money has no meaning in alpha now and is so pitifully easy to make if you can find a server glitch free for around a half hour or so - but still - trading is relaxing.

As per usual the space cow was finicky heading into atmosphere towards Kudre Ore to load up on 290+ SCU's of cargo. Anything more than a small mouse movement course correction will potentially put you into a spin in this beast coming into atmosphere. Takes me about 5 minutes to get down to surface in position to land the space cow - but eventually I did. Landing the thing is always a bitch. In fact, this time I thought I landed well next to the outpost - but in fact I had landed perfectly with each strut on some equally high rocks. So when I came out down the ramp, which looked like it was on the ground, it was in fact off the ground up above my knees.

Trying to jump back in was impossible. Until I stripped down to my flight suit, proving mass has meaning, and was able to jump back into my ship - just barely. I parked it again (engine always off), and came out to find the ramp was just above my ankles. No problems I think.

I go into the outpost fill up on everything to the max it would let me till the cargo was full - then ran back out. To find my ship had magically had the ramp raise over my waist (evidently it climbed higher on the rocks - must have some treads that can move like a tank or something). This time not even stripping down to my duster and almost suffocating would allow me to jump back in. Well crap I thought.

Then I had an idea. Suicide key was activated and I popped back to get my freelancer. I flew it all the way back to Kudre Ore and found my Starfarer was still there - fully loaded. Basically I landed just short of the back of the Starfarer so that jumping off my ramp would land me on the back of the Starfarer (leaving the Freelancer stranded and floating above it). I went back along the ship to where I could jump onto the upper walkway. This is harder than it sounds and I think I got really lucky. The engine is pretty much covering it except at the very back edge. When I jumped down - I thought I was bouncing off the engine to my doom - but somehow dropped straight down landing on the edge of the walkway. Yes, my legs were slightly broken - but I had made it.

After getting back to the cockpit I struggled for a bit to get out from under my floating freelancer - but I managed to get the space cow back to Port Olisar and sell most of the cargo.

I had never really considered the possibilities of hovering ships near a planets surface before - and hopping down between them in gravity. Or onto buildings or other things.

The things this game can let you do...

Go figure.

Why bore you with this tale? Seems to be the in thing to do with videos these days. I figured I'd be different and do it with text.

Because I can :)

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Being a delivery man in 2945 has some job perks
Post at: Fr 12. Jan 2018, 19:49
By /u/Jack_Frak


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