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newest submissions : starcitizen

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Star Citizen Updates. How will they work in the future?
Post at: Fr 12. Jan 2018, 20:48
By /u/what595654

So, does this mean from now on, we will only get updates to game every three months?

So, Star Citizen will be stuck on 3.0 for another 3 months? Then all the testing evocati stuff will start over again, and it will be another month of two until whatever version is released is playable? But, updates are supposed to be every three months? So, when does testing for the next update happen? A month or two before the 3 months, or after?

I am not hating. Just trying to figure out how this new update schedule is supposed to work.

I'd much prefer a continuous release schedule. Like whenever there is something new/fixed/updated just release it. Just like they were doing with the Evocati releases. That way, you constantly get new updates, and if something is bugged, or gets broken, you can just fix it in the next random release. Similar to how a lot of games are doing it now.

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