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newest submissions : starcitizen

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Derelict City (Lorville) Sneak Peek
Post at: Fr 12. Jan 2018, 21:38
By /u/regicidalnut


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Um.... I have a Retaliator?!?!??!
Post at: Fr 12. Jan 2018, 21:40
By /u/TheKnightArgent

So, I've been suffering from the "REC weapons after 3.0" bug, so I've been trying various things in order to try to work around it.

I just got access to hangars again. I'm not sure why, but I suspect it's because I bought a one-month subscription so I got those hangars. I tried to use Noobifier's workaround (load out your ship in the hangar, then go straight into AC and the loadout will persist) but it wasn't working. So, I changed the loadout, QUIT GAME (instead of exit to menu), then restarted. I jumped directly into AC Free Flight, and I was in an Aegis Retaliator.... Um, really cool but how the hell did THAT happen? :)

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