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newest submissions : starcitizen

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Need review on an Andromeda for current build
Post at: Sa 13. Jan 2018, 10:17
By /u/mbelcikuwh

Hey guys, with 3.0 in our hands i need a short review on how Andromeda fare in current build? The assumptions are as follows :

[*]No game breaking bug with the ship (all the essentials are working properlyl
[*]No game breaking bug with 3.0 core features (planetary tech, missions, interdiction)
[*]Stable fps range 25-3ish (i know this one will probably be available in 3.1 at the soonest or late September 2018,but just an assumption and please humor me)

I currently own a Black and enjoying cargo runs. But recently i've been rewatching futurama and just finished the orville. It got me thinking about the andromeda as a decent starter multicrew ship...I know the orville probably not the best reference, but still the ship pops in my head hahaha :)

Although I'm probably will spend most of my time solo-ing or with npcs (someday)

Funny thing is, i600 looks more and more interesting...

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