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newest submissions : starcitizen

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How does CIG manage to fatally overheat a RAID?
Post at: Sa 13. Jan 2018, 11:21
By /u/Dowlphin

In the recent ATV Austin Studio Update they said they overheated a RAID in their build server and had to replace six drives, and I was like: WTH SRSLY?
- Monitoring tools with automated alerts and failsafe routines?
- Temperature sensors everywhere?
- Server-level cooling systems?
- Interest in making good use of backer money?

Was anyone else bothered/puzzled/flabbergasted/flummoxed by this?
Is this the myth of professionality striking again?
Is this an exciting tale to tell and laugh about?
It seems so totally avoidable.

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Question, will they wipe our progress in live for 3.1?
Post at: Sa 13. Jan 2018, 11:22
By /u/ThatGuyNamedKal

Just wondered. I tried searching but couldn't find any info.

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