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newest submissions : starcitizen

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PSA: If you have slow Internet, backup your copy of 3.0
Post at: So 14. Jan 2018, 10:58
By /u/WheeledWriter

So out of nowhere this morning my installation of Win10 on my brand new (3 month old) rig died. Was fine the first time I turned it on this morning, I switched it off when I went to do something else, died on next restart - unable to load profile etc. Corrupted profiles, something, something, endless loops of death.

The reason this matters is that my Win10 basically dying may have something to do with a recent patch according to various google results. Even now I'm unable to run Edge or Settings apps - and all the various suggested fixes aren't working for me.

Basically had to reset my win10 install - no way to move files off my SSD because win10 wasn't loading the non boot drives in safe mode.

Fine, thought I'd be clever and told Windows - leave my non Windows files on my SSD alone during the reset.

When Win10 is back to normal I go look - and realise the RSI patcher and associated crash report tools, USER folder etc. are all still present, but the data folder - you know the one that usually holds 36GB of game files? - is empty.

Same goes for all my other Game installs on the SSD btw, the directories are there but the actual game files are missing.

No idea why.

So now I have to spend another three days downloading (1 mb/s internet - Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi) SC again - which I thought I'd never have to do again because, delta patcher and what not.

And Yes - I will be copying it to my portable drive as soon as it's finished....

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