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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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[DISCUSS] Space dust: Annoying or not? Immersive or not? Necessary or not? (My thoughts inside)
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By /u/RivletMP


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Me and a friend were bored. So we decided to see what dumb shit we could do/break.
Post at: So 14. Jan 2018, 12:00
By /u/BurberryC06

We went down to a planet to pickup a greycat and stuff it into my freelancer's cargo hold. Brought it back to olisar and drove it around inside the C terminal for laughs.

"What happens if you try and get out of a seat next to a wall?" So we science'd. Animation clips me through olisars walls and I spasm for a bit, then appear outside olisar in EVA.

I make my way back in. "What happens if you drive off the landing pad?" We tried it. Disappointingly normal results. Although the greycat does somehow come to a stop rather than continuously moving in one direction as you may expect.

"Okay, let's get it back in the cargo hold." My friend was feeling lazy so he sat in the greycat and had me bring the freelancer around. I tried to get into the freelancer through the side door and ended up in my floor. But instead of exiting to menu I started playing with the emotes. Since they're mapped to keys you can just spam them all and in some cases they displace you, so I managed to pop out. Birthing style.

Crashed when trying to get back in and during the time my friend tried to solo get the greycat back in, only to set it on fire. Still works tho. Just massively lit with an orange glow.

We also started playing with the emotes. Ever need to stop when in EVA? Hit an emote. You stop dead in your tracks and do the emote. It's also just funny to slide your fingers back and forth along the emote keys and watch the ensuing spasm. Make sure 'sleep' is one of them for the funniest effect as the animations immediately skip you to the first frame.

"What happens if we mix elevator and greycat?" So off to levski we go. I've falled into levski and gotten stuck several times so I wanted to experiment with a vehicle. That actually worked fine. But I ended up falling out of the elevator and through the planet, after falling 20 km's into the planet away from levski I clocked I would run out of oxygen before falling the remainder 600km's to the other end.

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