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newest submissions : starcitizen

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By /u/falseparadise_

I wanted to share this guide with everyone because some people may be having problems with lag even on high end pc's.

When I first loaded into this game I noticed that I was getting sometimes 25+ fps then about 30% of the time I was getting less than 5 fps. I am running Ryzen 1500x and GTX1060. So I looked it up and everyone said it was because of me not having enough RAM (I have 8GB.) I gave up. But after a while I noticed that when I was loading in it said it was missing some textures. I knew that that could be causing some lag so I decided to buy another flight suit (my OG flight suit was the missing textures) I got the gold one cause it looked nice. As soon as I equipped it my fps went from 30% below 5 fps to about 2% below 5 fps and my normal framerate was 35+ fps. So if you are experiencing lag and cannot pinpoint why, try this just in case.

TLDR: If you're getting lag try changing flight suit/clothing.

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