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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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For beginners
Post at: Di 13. Feb 2018, 10:54
By /u/MrBoniz

I recently started playing Star Citizen and I want to know basically how to start playing fully. I have been reading weekly threads and FAQ's for a few days, but a lot of information is outdated or poorly explained, so hard to understand for complete begginers. So I think that many starters would find that helpful, if you would explain us the basics. Basically I want you to explain the game to a person that just logged in the game and wants to play it(For example, When you log on, you should head to the center and Retrieve your ship, after that you should find your ship... so on..., but in every step explaining what you have to press ). Basically something that after you have read it, you have basic knowledge and you know what you should do to get better.

My personal questions: 1) How and where to upgrade the ship? What you upgrade first(i have Aurora) 2) How to refuel at Cry-Astro? 3) Can someone explain controls(Yes, I have read them, but it would be nice to understand when to use what)? 4) Is there a way to lock on the enemy? 5) Also how to modify your ship's panels? 6) How should you move when you fight?

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