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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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We need a unique in-universe "godspeed"
Post at: Sa 17. Feb 2018, 22:57
By /u/TeslaK20

Famous sci-fi franchises have an instantly identifiable "godspeed" greeting associated with them. Star Wars has "may the force be with you", while Star Trek has "live long and prosper".

Now, according to a Mark Hamill tweet, Star Citizen is better than both of these franchises. Therefore, we should have a legendary "godspeed" greeting to match!

Any ideas?

submitted by /u/TeslaK20
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Ship Targeting/Detection/Mechanics Range
Post at: Sa 17. Feb 2018, 22:59
By /u/Sophos_Mileghere

Cannot find much info on this. At what range will you appear in the overview on ships and if you are powered down with low EM sig etc, will this reduce the range?

Use example: Land 10,000m from an outpost and power down ship. Will it be visible for to other ships in that area. If not, at what range would it be visible.

If it is visible, at what range would it not be visible?

Hope that makes sense, thanks in advance

submitted by /u/Sophos_Mileghere
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