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newest submissions : starcitizen

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I haven't paid much attention since I bought a ship for $75 about 4 years ago and and hoped for a freelancer type solo experience, maybe multiplayer later. Am I still going to get that game?
Post at: So 15. Apr 2018, 00:14
By /u/Sandsifter

Hi Folks,

I just remember buying this, thinking that an updated Freelancer would be cool. Then it seemed to evolve into some money-grabbing project, like most of the other games of late, and I just tuned out for a few years.

I was just wondering whether the standalone game, similar to Freelancer, is still in the plans for the game. I could be wrong, but I think I remember that you would first have to complete the standalone first, and would then have access to an online version.

Thanks in advance for your help

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Gladiator Sadness
Post at: So 15. Apr 2018, 00:14
By /u/GrizzLeagle

Well, I used to absolute love the gladiator, and i get that it is not meant to be a dogfighter, but the loss of the turret absolutely killed it for me. I had to switch to a super hornet, which I really don't like, just to be able to have some acceptable combat abilities in the PU and Swarm gamemodes. What is your opinion about it? I really wish CIG would allow us to control the turret again, the super hornet really isn't doing it for me.

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