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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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"There's been a terrible crash, please go and make sure you find yourself in awe at the suspense"
Post at: So 15. Apr 2018, 00:20
By /u/Y00pDL


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Post at: So 15. Apr 2018, 00:24
By /u/SleepingFox88

Be me. Test out 3.1.2 live build. Decide to jump to Yela and log out in my ship bed to test the new persistence system. Log back in to find myself in port Olisar. 10-20 FPS, massive frame spikes. Get out of bed. Hurt my legs somehow. Go to ship terminal. See expedite time on my ship is 15 minutes. Suddenly time jumps to 3.5 hours. Notice the expedite is free but only shaves off 12 minutes. Expedite because why not. Find it took funds out of my account anyways.

Is anyone else having as much bugs in 3.1.2 as I have? Performance seems worse on the servers I played on, no persistence if you log out and a lot more bugs.

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