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newest submissions : starcitizen

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Any suggestions to fix black screen on startup bug?
Post at: So 15. Apr 2018, 02:24
By /u/LemonLimeLife

So when I launch the game I see the Star Citizen splash screen and then the game transitions to full screen. I hear a bit of music before it fades out and the first loading screen image just barely starts to become visible but it's still mostly black. From here I cannot alt+tab out or close the game in any way so I am forced to restart my computer to close the game.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, updating my graphics drivers, updating all of my other drivers, verifying game files in the RSI launcher settings, and deleting my user folder and none of this has worked.

I was able to play the game earlier this weekend but it appears it stopped working when I decided to melt my ship and re-purchase a starter pack and a ship upgrade using store credits.

Does anyone have any suggestions that might fix my problem?

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