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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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By /u/rhiscoberts

Greetings fellow Citizens,

My name is Xyzlorz. I am a human hybrid from the distant future.

Earth as you know it now has just been destroyed in my timeline. Me, and others like me, have been forced to travel back in time in the name of survival.

Since I have nothing better to do (in the future our race has the capability to summon money just by mere thought) I decided to provide my fellow Citizens a timeline of upcoming and future events regarding the game Star Citizen. Suffice to say that even in my timeline (3309 AD), the full game still isn't out yet.

Here are a few milestones that the game will achieve in the near future:

-6/22/2019: SpaceZ, a brand new startup, announced that planning and production will begin on a spaceship capable of traveling, outfitted with equipment capable of terraforming and colonizing Mars. Roberts Space Industries has commemorated this historical milestone by adding a new passenger ship called the Zspace.

-2/13/2021: Alpha 4.02837 has been announced for SC. Some things broke, and for the rest of this year incremental updates has been pushed out to in order to try to address some of its problems. 3 new ships has been announced. Elite Dangerous Season7 integrated seamless server integration and a persistent universe.

-1/1/2022: FPS has been released with the latest season of Elite Dangerous. Players in Elite Dangerous can now do all the things outlined in Star Citizen's roadmap. A new space and FPS shooter, Everyone Man, Woman and Trap Sky has also been released and features one huge persistent universe with an arcade feel.

-9/28/2025: Mark Hamill has died of old age. Chris Roberts stated work on SQ42 will be halted indefinitely because he said "it just doesn't feel right with a different actor in his place. It just wouldn't feel realistic". Alpha 5.283746 has been released. 2 new ships has been announced.

-5/10/2028: Production has been completed on SpaceZ's spaceship. It is set to travel to Mars in 3 months, with notable pioneers and celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Chris Pane. Around this time Alpha 8.2019274 has been released.

-12/23/2032: Crowdfunding has reached 9.2 Billion dollars. Chris Roberts announced that he wanted to make "the best game possible" and released a new road map where tasks involves re-vamping some parts of the game engine. Below is short statement from his 6 hour long speech from CitizenCon 2032:

"Greetings fellow Citizens, we have decided to take a step back and re-do a few core things in the Lumberyard engine (Amazon was bought out by Google in 2023, then TwitterFace in 2026, and finally Reddit in 2030). With this new milestone of 9.2 billion dollars, we can finally achieve what I have always dreamed of - building the best space sim possible. Things such as individual physics grids for particle effects are now possible.

This means that each particle of smoke, each particle of dust in space - will have their own physics that can interact with other particles of dust realistically. When you move through space, each particle of dust will move realistically thanks to localized but interactive physics for each of them. It's really fascinating stuff. The game, when released will offer unparalleled realism on a scale unheard of - in any industry. "

7/9/2036: SpaceZ's spaceship has just arrived at Mars. Terraforming is underway. Unfortunately an accident involving Justin Bieber getting caught in an airlock midway through the journey has been reported - he never made it to Mars. Chris Pane was unavailable to comment. Alpha 9.273645 has been released. This version supports 32 players per instance. SC backers - the ones that are still alive, rejoice and celebrate by flying around doing nothing around a moon.

10/27/2050: Terrafarming and colonizing Mars has been completed. Alpha 83.29387 has been released. Chris Roberts announced that resources from ship design has been re-directed to physics. 3897 ships has been planned so far to this date. Below is Chris Robert's statement on the resource re-allocation:

"Greetings fellow Citizens, I have decided to re-allocate resources from ship design - specifically the teams working on Origin's 960 XXII, to help out with re-doing heat pipes and making them more realistic. It's one aspect of the game where it never felt really right to me.

This is why I have decided to re-work how piping and heat in those pipes work. My goal is that when a ship fires a weapon, it generates the actual heat realistically through these pipes, realistically, through localized physics, and correspondingly to the areas around the heat pipes.

The heat transfer, from the guns or engines or whatnot, to the pipes, and finally to the environment around it - will now all be done very realistically, each particle of dust will be heated to the realistic amount with something we call LRPGHTaEEiB, or Localized Physics Grid - Heat Transfer and Everything Else in Between. This may delay the release of SC by a few months. But I promise - it will be great."

8/12/2051: Chris Roberts has died of old age. Sandi Gardiner is the new CEO of RSI. Alpha 1398.3748573 has been released. A new ship named "Robbie" has been announced to commemorate Chris Roberts. To this date 10,293 ships has been announced.

Nothing much else to note afterwards. At the time of Earth's destruction, Star Citizen was in Alpha 9304.28475, with RSI chaired by descendants of descendants of descendants of descendants of Chris Roberts. I still have a copy of the latest game. Unfortunately without the computers of the 34th century, no one here will able to enjoy or continue production of the game.

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