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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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Is it possible?
Post at: Mo 16. Apr 2018, 01:22
By /u/Tuckinator75

Hey guys, first things first I just want to say I believe in this project and am no way saying these things in a negative way. I just stumbled across a gallery of a good chunk of the planets and their pictures. This made me think to myself, is it possible? I know that having this vast detailed universe is the dream to CR and to us, but tbh we dont know how many planets theyve created. Assuming that hurston will be the first fully fledged planet they make theres so many more very detailed ones. Once again not trashing, because theres nothing I want more than to take my origin lineup to Saisei for a night. Just curious on how everyone feels. Cause from Spider to Cassel theres so much beauty that i want to experience

Heres the gallery : https://imgur.com/gallery/2VTeG

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