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newest submissions : starcitizen

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The Cutlass Dashboard
Post at: Mo 16. Apr 2018, 01:27
By /u/Hans_Yolo_

If this has been addressed by CIG please don't rip my head off. I've been purposely staying out of the news cycle around SC. I'm also not trying to do the equivalent of back-seat driving in any way here, I'm just voicing my opinions and thoughts.

Is there any plan to change the Cutlass' console/dashboard? I know that Drake's motif is "raw, utility, cheap, gets the job done, easy repairs. ect." but I personally find it extremely hard to see out of the cutlass. I don't have the frames to spare to increase my FoV any meaningful amount, and having the console take up such a big and important area of the view is very.... claustrophobic, and strange, to me.

I for one would rather have slightly smaller screens if need be, or have them moved more to the sides, in an L shape, and down a little, if possible. I understand that it's part of balance, but it feels very unnatural to have the downward view completely blocked. I wish I had the ability to make a mock-up what I'm trying to say, design wise, but I'm completely artistically inept and lack any sort of software to do so.

It almost feels like trying to drive down the road, but you can't see much to your left or right, and you can't see the road until 100 feet in front of you.

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