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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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Any way to stabilize performance/constant disconnects?
Post at: Mo 16. Apr 2018, 02:16
By /u/Loliliker0108

I purchased Star Citizen couple days ago and was wondering if there's a way - any possible way - to get rid of the lags and disconnections.

Now, I do fully understand that this game - is in its alpha state, and not a whole ton should be expected from this unpolished product that IS in fact - work in progress.

But even taking above said in mind, regardless of getting only 30~40 fps in game with 1080 ti at 34% workload and 8700k at 40~ish% workload on 1080p monitor… What's up with those constant frame freezes, skips, and lags that occur every 45 seconds?

And how do I avoid that dank connection error 30000 that occurs every single time I purchase a cargo and lose it all without a chance to connect back to that instance?

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Just wanted to share my new wallpaper
Post at: Mo 16. Apr 2018, 02:19
By /u/Panda-Monium


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