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newest submissions : starcitizen

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New game role. Broker.
Post at: Di 30. Jun 2020, 00:37
By /u/Hookedgame

Atm we have a Trader role. It is a man who buy/transfer/sell goods. And this stays as it is if you prefer this way of trading.

But in big cities it takes a lot of time to go out of ship, walk to transfer zone, use elevator, transfer to location, run to TDD terminal and then back. Sometimes it can take about 15 mins to complete. And when you do it once per 30 mins it is starting to be annoying. Here is where Broker help.

Broker is a real player who sits in TDD and sells and buys goods for you. That way you can only be a driver now.

So you can have a 'Contract' with a Broker. By signing this 'Contract' Broker can see your ship in Terminal if you are landed of course. Also in this 'Contract' there is a Broker Fee should be accepted by you. This way Broker can save you 15 minutes of time and he can have some money for his job. As example I can pay up to 10% of my margin from Laranite run for that. It is 32K auec.

Thats it. It looks simple to develop.

So if you want you can be a Trader as it is now. Do yourself all the job.

Or you can hire a Broker to speed up things. This way your trade run looks like this:

You land at small area. Call to your Broker. Ask him for current prices at his TDD place. Buy whatever you want by yourself. Fly to big city where Broker sit. Land. Start to refuel. Call to Broker. Ask him to sell goods from your ship. Money goes to your account for goods. And broker fee withdrawn to Broker account for remote deal.

I understand that when we will have cargo offload process then Broker role will be unused.

But what do you think about Broker?

Spectrum: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/new-game-role-discussion-broker

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