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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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So i just stole 100 ships within 1 month
Post at: Di 30. Jun 2020, 04:07
By /u/HeyImUnkn0wn


First of all, Ship Nr 100 video

Also, please note i didnt played 2 weeks within that month. So its actually 100 ships stolen within 2 weeks.

I will probably get killed by downvotes and get hated for lifetime in this game but i thought its fun to share this

It was much fun doing this tbh but i felt bad most of the time because people got more sad about this than mad. But many actually had really cool reactions. I wish i would have done more screenshots than just this one:

Its from 2-3 weeks ago

context: i stole the carrack of Grivik and rammed JuzaRey at PO.

Here is the second video for the misc Starfarer.


Note: I counted only ships where i managed to get into the Pilot seat. Just getting inside didnt counted.

My best steal would have been the origin 980 jump. I glitched inside somehow but my game crashed during the steal progress. So its not in my list

in case anyone cares, my ranking for the most insecure ships:

[*]Misc Starfarer
[*]Anvil carrack
[*]Misc freelancer
[*]then anything else that has a Ramp as entry method
[*]Then some other but my english is too bad to explain and get the right words

Best place to steal ships: Port Olisar

Also, 95% of the time i'm on the EU servers.

So well, here is my List:


Little explanations:

all types = example Freelancer DUR + Freelancer MAX (and other types) are all counted as just Misc freelancer

2x times stolen from same person: i stole the ship from person XYZ 2 times in a row at the same place

I have no proof for that i actually stole all 100 of them. My friend told me yesterday that i should have done a video for each ship and edit it together but its a bit late now xD. But anyway i have at least 2 videos

There are some ships where you guys will think "how tf did you stole that?". Well, answer is people are dumb sometimes. Many of them i stole by just simply sprint inside when the ramp opens and get into the pilot seat before the owner does. But at some i glitched inside (the carrack ex. i already made a bug report for that, link below). But some of them i just simply ran to the elevator and people didnt bothered letting me inside for no reason. Like i never asked for transport or letting me in. They just didnt asked questions.

At some i played hide and seek first until they gave up. At others i had luck because they forgot to close the hatch or other entry methods. Its really weird how many different ways exists to steal any ship you want

I'm really wondering if i'll get hate or get some really cool reactions tho. But lets see

see ya at Port Olisar


Here is the link i mentioned for the bug report:


Contribute, so it gets fixed faster

links to the videos & to my list screenshot, in case you want to share or smth else:

Carrack: https://streamable.com/kn5rl8

Starfarer: https://streamable.com/fpq5zk

My List: https://prnt.sc/t8ufcl

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