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Thema: newest submissions : starcitizen

newest submissions : starcitizen

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The Nova Tank should be scrapped.
Post at: Sa 1. Aug 2020, 01:48
By /u/Ereger

Star Citizen is not a large scale combined arms ground war FPS.

You're not gonna be fighting any significant forces on the surface of planets.

Selling the tank makes it seem like you're gonna be able to anything "tank-like" with it. You won't. You're not gonna be rolling up to a base in an armor convoy, you're not gonna be in a tank duel on a Star Citizen battlefield, you're not gonna be in any kind of army.

This tank's only use-case will be obliterating a couple weak targets outside a small building, before you walk in and finish off the last few.

This is a spaceship vs. spaceship fighting game. Unless you're gonna turn around in your big ship with your rear open and a cannon sticking out, you're not gonna be able to use it.

So ditch the tank, focus on making more ships.

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The level of detail in this game never cease to amaze me
Post at: Sa 1. Aug 2020, 01:49
By /u/maxcash34


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