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newest submissions : starcitizen

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New Patch... Same Mistakes
Post at: Do 17. Mai 2018, 19:13
By /u/nyyankees2085

So I flew in 3.1.3, rather inebriated mind you, with all of my credits sitting in my andromeda. I knew I shouldn't have, but what a rush when you realize how risky it is. Needless to say I crashed due to my inability to read my instruments properly and lost it all very early in the patch.... 3.1.4 dropped yesterday, did I learn? Nope.. loaded that sucker up 4 times.. twice being interrupted by sick toddlers thus leaving me defenseless on various rocks for up to 20 min at a time. Somehow some way no one blew me up or killed me when I was exposed. I know eventually this plan will backfire and I'll be right back to zero credits but it's gonna be one hell of a ride getting there!!

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