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newest submissions : starcitizen

BeitragBeitrag #31 von Reddit SC [RSS Bot] » So 18. Jun 2017, 23:55

SuperHornet Turret UI bugs
Post at: So 18. Jun 2017, 23:53
By /u/Ajwme

Hey Reddit !

So when you enter a SuperHornet's co-pilot turret, you get that fancy HUD. But soon as you press F1 to try and bring up mobiglass, it goes away and the mobiglass doesn't show up either. Now I know that turrets in general are getting a redo by 3.0; but I've not seen this issue in the issue council or the 'known bugs' area - and I've had this happen many a time to me for a while now in 2.6.3 .

So I made an issue council report for it -> https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/issue-council/star-citizen-alpha/SC-41930-Mobi-glass_causes_visual_bugs_in_the_Super_Hornet_co-pilot_seat_ ;contribute if you can :)

Do feel free to tell me if it's something wrong on my end - I'm fairy new to bug reporting n stuff. Thanks again :)

submitted by /u/Ajwme
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About Ship "life" and disabling ships insted of destroying it
Post at: So 18. Jun 2017, 23:55
By /u/fabioluizsp

Hello, I'm curious about how 3.0 and item 2.0 will change the way ship "life" works. I follow ATV and mainly this subreddit, but as far as I could remember I haven't seen those informations.

Currently, I use to play SC only on mini PU, and I feel that the feedback from combat is not very helpful regarding ship "life".

When I start a combat with a pirate, I know very poorly if he has 20% or 45% of "life" (I know that ship damage works per sections) but still, when I or the pirate suddenly explodes it feels... odd. Also I can't know if I'm losing and could, potentially, flee, or if my ship have only 20% of "life" but the enemy has 5%, so it's worth the risk.

I'm now sure if I was clear.

Another thing that I think that is not addressed in 3.0 but I imagine that could be in the future is that a ship shouldn't explode, unless if was hit by a torpedo or a very powerful missile.

For me, it would be much better if winning a fight would let the enemy ship disabled, drifting in the void (like disabling vehicles in Battlefield). I think that would also opens up some gameplay oportunities, like in PVP you could EVA out of your disabled ship and set a distress call/beacon to be rescued (perhaps with a single crate that is very valuable).

What do you think?

submitted by /u/fabioluizsp
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