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Naming Animals from the Xi'an Empire

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Naming Animals from the Xi'an Empire

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Roberts Space Industries

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At CitizenCon 2947, we met one of Star Citizen’s early stretch goals and debuted the Xi’an language. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the warm reception it’s been given. Our xenolinguist Britton Watkins has continued to develop the language since its debut. Many members of the community have already contributed to the evolution of the language by suggesting ideas about Xi’an culture as well as words to be added to the dictionary. We’ve already added 98 more words!

Britton and the Lore team would like to invite you to help us name these three Xi’an animals, recently designed by the art team. We’ve provided descriptions of the animals below to help you in the naming process. The winners of the contest will have the names of the animals featured in this week’s Xi’an Language Lesson video.

You can find the rules below the descriptions. Please comment on this page with your suggestions. Happy naming!

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