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Relay Replay: 4th - 8th

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Relay Replay: 4th - 8th

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  • Except for a few items status should be feature complete for the tier 0s on Friday

  • A more “persistent” interesting bug of box-hand has been resolved

  • Shopping is undergoing bug fixing and polish mode:

- shopkeep facial animations

- inclusion of ship weapons

- layout adjustments

  • Inventory has been spread out to prevent one stop shopping

  • The commodities kiosk though still closed, should be ironed out Soon™

  • Mission givers have made it to next stage testing

  • Mission giver bugs were mainly due to being from untested technology never being in game before

  • A light at the end of the tunnel can be seen regarding ship related bugs

  • The technology for planet rotation affected projectile trajectories but was resolved with the conversion of into and out of zone space and its sharing across other clients

  • Line of fire and courtesy control were major emphasis-es from an AI standpoint

  • Barring PTU feedback and validation with Chris' vision, IFCS and its second stage afterburner are good to go out

  • Criminality on landing upon the wrong landing pad has been addressed by increasing the UI size that only shows up on the correct landing pad assigned

  • Star Map for mobiGlas perspective is done and will rollout to ships with 3D radar with other radar conversions following later

  • A basic hint event system is nearing complete feature status for 3.0

  • The UI display in a helmet's holovisor and a ship's heads-up display have been worked upon, but final polishes continue


Gravlev vehicles

  • Gravlev forms part of the flight mechanics and affects most bikes on planets: it's what makes them levitate

  • They wanted to recreate the iconic Star Wars hoverbike but as realistically as possible using forces not fakery

  • Player input determines a positional goal and the motion control algorithms calculate the forces to maintain that height

  • Additional features:

    • Increased elevation when travelling fast to reduce the likelihood of hitting something

    • Rolling the bike based on the amount of force being used to turn so you can lean into it

    • Collision avoidance to automatically lift the bike over obstacles ... within limits!

  • It is modelled to work with upward acceleration so you skim over the surface, or skid off it you come down too fast

  • It has been designed to be realistic and uses imperfect information so players have to stay vigilant

  • They have been working hard to improve the system:

    • Assessing the impact of damage and fuel

    • Eliminating bugs in the raycast calculations

    • Improving the despin to work better with Gravlev

    • Preventing bikes getting stuck upside down because something clipped into the ground

  • They have been tweaking performance to reduce the amount of slide; make it a little more snappy on turning

  • You can now strafe up and down, and this is how you transition between hover and atmospheric flight


  • Starting in the coming week CIG will be starting a monthly installment of Squadron 42 newsletters. It will contain exclusive news on the single player campaign

  • 3.0 was feature locked as of December 8th

  • Holiday live stream is on Thursday December 21st at 12pm PST

  • Sale for subscribers of a hardcover Jump Point Vol. 3 is going on sale on Wednesday, December 13th 12PM PST / 8PM UTC 4PM PST / 12AM UTC to accommodate timezones

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