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Calling All Devs: September 17th 2018

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Calling All Devs: September 17th 2018

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  • At moment there are no spawn locations planned to be on the ‘aid shelters’ around moons. CIG’s current focus is directed into looking at alternative spawning logic for cases of overfilled spawning locations and player habitats as well as the ability to own and login to one particular room in a hab. When this system is at a satisfactory level with these more advanced spawning solutions, they will probably look into spawning locations for remote areas as well as the option to rent a room. All this will be an iterative process in which CIG wants to evolve these systems together with the community and their experience.

  • The ability to allow a player to keep their ships locked and only allow certain people onto their ship is being worked on at the moment. The system itself relies on many other of the smaller systems coming online; i.e. subsumption, criminal system etc. So while there is nothing directly that CIG can address on this right now the systems it will rely on are coming online and CIG will be implementing more with each step and building upon the previous system

  • The first iteration of rest stops will not maintain a useful position between two planets, when planets are actually orbiting a sun. What CIG are looking at doing is using Lagrange Points to decide where useful things will be. This system will be useful as it will mean certain objects at certain times are what you navigate to as others will not be cost effective to reach. Due to the nature of Lagrange Points this will mean that players will have to figure out the best way to get to where they want, making navigation more interesting and other potential gameplay implications as well as letting players see more things that are put in game rather than just a static location. 
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