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Smuggling Discussion
Post at: Fr 16. Nov 2018, 08:48
By /u/Sloopik

Ok so according to the 2018 keynote of Lorville, the presenters were talking about how smuggling gameplay will be provided in cities like Lorville, etc.

Now that we've had some time with Lorville and we've seen that basically most of the city is off limits to us and there are only very specific entrances with literally no way past customs unless you clip the graphics or something not intended, how do you think they will implement smuggling gameplay in the future?

Do you think they will flesh out the rest of the city to allow you to utilize most of it? Do you think they'll develop some secret entrances? Do you think the No Fly Zones will be able to be breached briefly to allow a friend to drop you off in the city and quickly take off?

Or has there already been a description of this somewhere that I missed? What do you guys think?

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